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Item No.: TP-0707
Rain Gauge
Plastic base
Unit Dimensions: 395x208x30mm
Carton size: 46x44x54/48
Do OEM for your requirements
Garden accessories
FGA 011
Magnifying Glass, with metal straight handle

The diameter is from 40mm to 100mm, with 3 to 10times magnifying power.

Main material: Metal, Glass
Rain gauge TP0805
Product size: 765*188*20mm
Carton size: 77x23.5x60cm/48
MOQ: 6000 PCS
Item No.: FYZ-036
Digital Cooking Thermometer
Tube size: Φ3.8*127mm
Temperature range: -50-200 C/-58-302 F
Main material: Plastic
Item No.: FSH-102
Double lines LCD display
Indoor/Outdoor thermometer
MAX/MIN records
Freeze Alert
Display with C or F &Display resolution with 0.1C
Accuracy: +/-1C & F ...
Item No.: FYZ-525
Big Metal Thermometer
Display with C
Temperature arrange: -30~50C
Accuracy: ± C
Metal base
Unit Dimensions: 700*120mm
Do OEM for your ...
Item No.: FYZ-117
Refrigerator thermometer with magnet
Product size: 140*60*7mm

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Straight Handle Magnifier

The diameter is from 40mm to 100mm, with 3 to 10times magnifying power.
Magnifying Glass, with flashlight

The diameter is from 40mm to 100mm, with 3 to 10times magnifying power.
Min. Order: 3,000 Pieces
Wine thermometer
Product size: 74.5x65x40mm
Item No.: FSH-122
Weather Forecast Clock with Moon Face, Temperature and Humidity selectable for 12or24 Hour Format.
Date Display: (Month/Date/Week)
Year Range is ...
Pegs FHD 104
Hooks FHD 116
Item No.: XXMY2025D
Unit size: 7.5X11.5X4.8CM
Carton size: 56x47x33CM/80
20PCS/inner box
G. W.: 14KGS
MOQ: 5000PCS
20"30912PCS, 40": 60960PCS
Main material: PVC
Do OEM ...
Dia size: 40*15*16.5
Carton size: 23x23x33/1890
Our company is one of the earliest and largest manufacturer & exporter for light industrial--household products. Thermometer is our main product, which have a high reputation in ...
Digital thermometer
Item No.: FYK-B4C
Meat thermometer
Main material: stainless steel
Item No. : FYZ-127
Product size: 190*45mm
Main material: Plastic
Color: Yellow, Orange, White, Lime Green/ as your required color
Item No.: FYK-B4B
Cooking Thermometer
Tube size: Φ3. 8* 150mm
Diameter: 2"
Temperature range: 50-550 F
Main material: Metal
Item No.: FY-440
Display with Thermometer & Hygrometer
Unit Dimensions: 800*80*20mm
Do OEM for your requirements.
Digital thermometer
Product size: 127x18x10mm
Item No.: FYK-Z2
Oven Thermometer with/without blister card
Temperature Range: 50-250 C/100-500 F
Aluminum base
Can be Sat and Hung
Unit Dimension: diameter=2"
Item No.: FY-430B
Display with Thermometer & Hygrometer
Unit Dimensions: 130*130*20mm
Do OEM for your requirements.
Item No.: FY-901
Soil Moisture Meter
Unit Dimensions: 285*50*35mm
Flexrake Soil Testing Moisture Meter with 8" Probe. Use this reliable, inexpensive device to accurately ...
Item No.: FYZ-9217
Display with ′C′
Temperature Range: 10~50 ºC
Accuracy: ± C
Unit Dimensions: 155*60mm
Do OEM for your requirements.
Item No.: FSH-105
Display with ′C′ & ′F′
Both for Inside & Outside
Unit Dimensions: 64*40*14mm